Thursday, November 1, 2012

This Drug is More Expensive---Therefore It's Better

I read this article the other day:

Basically what it comes down to is that a drug company who makes a very expensive medication to save lives of those living with Chronic Leukemia is about to have their patent run out. Therefore, before the patent runs out and the drug is allowed to be made generic, they are attempting to raise awareness of their second line drug which has a longer patent in place.

I have no problem with making patients aware of another drug available to treat the same condition. What I struggle with is that the first drug (that is about to go generic) is a powerhouse that has saved hundreds if not thousands of people from an early grave.  What this company is doing, in order to make sure their profits continue to soar is they are attempting to sway doctors to the more expensive drug by saying that first drug is less effective.

Both of these drugs have been around for a decade. I feel like money is driving care in this scenario, and that makes me uncomfortable.

Truthfully, if a person is unable to take a generic for whatever reason then their options are limited--- but if there is an option to save your life by paying $500 a year for a medication that used to cost $5,000 a month prior to generics. My vote is save yourself from bankruptcy and stress--- stick with what works, and don't play health games over profits.

What do you think?

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