Monday, November 12, 2012

November is National Caregivers Month

In case you missed it...

President Obama issued a proclamation that November is national caregivers month.

I'm really glad there is beginning to be a larger recognition of the people that so many of us are grateful for every day.

Caregivers are the unsung heros in illness.

The patient is called often times called "strong" "survivor" "amazing"
but these words absolutely also describe the caregivers behind the patient. Caregivers are the ones who hold everything together when the patient doesn't have anything left. Caregivers are often the ones who make sure the patient is getting to their appointments, fighting with insurance, managing the household. Caregivers are the ones who put on a brave face and offer encouragement and support.

Caregivers are simply the greatest advocates patients have during a battle.

I for one, want to take this moment to say THANK YOU!!! to all the amazing/supportive/unstoppable caregivers in our lives.

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