Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who Will Make Insurance Companies Happy?

With the 2012 Presidential election just a little over a week away I can't help but wonder the fate of the Affordable Care Act.  I also can't help but wonder who some of the heavy hitting health insurance companies are hoping will win.

I read an interesting article today:


The article began by saying the health insurance companies are afraid of a Romney win because he has guaranteed to overturn the law--without saying how. The fear is the insurance industry would lose the potential profits to be made from the individual mandate.  Along with the fear of not knowing what a Romney administration would do with health care because there has been no plan laid out for when they pursue repeal.

However, I can only imagine the uncertainty of an Obama win. Keep in mind the health insurance industry was not happy about this new law, they found ways to work with it, but they weren't fans.

I think deep down the industry, and most of us understand

This law is not in its final form. It is a starting point.

There's no putting the genie back in the lamp. Health Care IS a topic that will be addressed and addressed again over these next several years.

For now we all must vote for who we believe will do the best with our country and then sit and wait to see what will happen. If I were to guess, I don't think the health insurance market is too eager for either candidate to win this election. Their situation is on shaky ground.

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