Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Political Platform to Prevent Coverage

I don't know if you all saw the story of Jackie Curtiss, the 22 year old Republican who voiced her concern over the new party platform on abortion.


Here's what that article says:

"Curtiss made waves in the committee when she objected to an amendment to the platform banning medication "that terminates human life after conception." The amendment was aimed at RU-486 and other so-called “abortion pills," but Curtiss warned that it could potentially include the “morning after pill.”

"Nevertheless, the amendment passed and found its way into the party’s 2012 manifesto."

That is one slippery slope folks...

The reason I'm raising concern is not because I'm anti-Republican or because I'm voicing judgement on abortion at all-- but rather because I am pro- life for people who have cancer, RA, and other major illness.

Most chemotherapy medications have warnings that state women may experience spontaneous abortion while taking the medication.

This platform doesn't differentiate between drugs, it just bans all medication that "terminates human life after conception."

I understand what the Republican Party is trying to get at, but if we aren't incredibly clear when we document our ideas unintentional problems can and will arise.

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  1. That is an important insight stressed by John C. Goodman at the Independent Institute. Goodman argues that people on both the political right and left fail to appreciate how similar our health care plan is to more explicitly socialistic plans like those in Canada and Europe.