Thursday, August 9, 2012

Passion for Purpose

As many of you know, last year I connected with a group of people on a mission. The mission was to discover our passions and how they could translate into purpose.

I have many passions. I am passionate about music, I am passionate about my family, I am passionate about making a difference. Before this journey I would not say I was "passionate" about health care. I was just struggling to work through a system that was not easy. The best way to describe my relationship with health care was persistence, but not passion.

However, I had a fire in my stomach for social justice and this system stoked that fire more and more. I believe we are given recurring themes in our lives that build and shape us to become warriors for good, if we're willing to accept the challenge.

Over this last year I have accepted my desire to help others so they may not have to struggle the way I did. I have recognized how that ties into health care, and how ultimately that really is the clearest passion for purpose path I've been given.

I am educating myself daily to try and build my understanding of this passion. I am recognizing there is no "one right answer." I am learning from people I agree with and those I disagree with.

Passion for purpose is not an easy road--- but so far it is rewarding.

What unexpected passions do you have? How can you use them for a greater purpose?

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