Friday, August 10, 2012

November, 2012!!! Vote for--- Medicare?

Tonight Mitt Romney chose a running mate. (drum roll please)...Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin. I'm not surprised he chose Mr. Ryan whose plans to phase out Medicare and Medicaid were widely publicized recently.

In order to distance himself from "Romneycare" it only makes political sense to find a running mate who has put significant time and focus into plotting out ways to rid our country of safety net health care, for the elderly, the sick and the poor.

Perhaps this decision will boost the health care dialogue for November. In that sense, I'm thrilled with Mr. Romney's choice. My concern is the PR "spin" this new campaign will put on the topic of health care. They will talk about all the money wasted on caring for those who have no other health support.

It is important we listen to the message behind the words that will be spoken regarding Medicare and Medicaid. We must remember these are not "programs" to be cut, these are "people" to be cut.

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