Friday, September 28, 2012

Saying Thank You!!!!

This is not your average blog post.

When you are passionate about a project and you have no idea how to accomplish it, you "get by with a little help from your friends," as the Beatles song says. 

I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who is helping me achieve my goals.

 Today however, I wanted to give a shout out to a very special group who helped me along the road these past couple months.

Special Thanks to:

Anna Koopman
Cordae Wright
Matt and Colleen Fuller
Laney Williams
Carol Zaura
Joshua Caniford
Sean McLaughlin
Dayna Sweders
Brigette Menoni Brankin
Linda Stanley
Bobbie C.De Baca
Mary Jo Braun
Jon Grigalunas
Katie Vadnais
andrew rasmussen
Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers
Mori Marchany
Amy Petersen
Aaron Cassara
Jill Sunderbruch
I-Wei Feng
Kate Wehr
Cheryl Jacobs
Shari Rosner
Lauri Boren
Rosemarie Coy
Nicole Simon-Burton
Tim Bruhn
Diana Roger
Beverly Lippe Terlep
Peg Pedersen
Betty DeBace
Jane Healy Brown
RIchard Hein
Khanh Doan
Leslie McQuade
Chad Jessup
Elaine A. THEUS
Anthony Elizondo
Justin Kreitzburg
Travis Mccauley
Kathleen Wake
Stephanie Nguyen
Joleen Schultz
Amber McGuire Lemar
Sue Kolasinski
Jessie Oettinger
Carrie Walsh Engberg
Thomas Dunham
Nicole DeBace-Rech
Justin Ozuna
Judith L. Miller
Ande Harwood
Martha Plummer
Jennie Gustafson
Katrina Lehto
Betsy Bruce
martha Luna
Anna Bevens
Tiki Naccarato
Jody Mayer
Daniel Rech
Jacinthe Assaad
Cassandra Brackmann
Elizabeth Granger
Carol Baker
Caro Horsfall
Duane Cuthrell
Darbie Whitman
Mary Jo Weaver Larson
Julia Colson
Matthew Browning
Claire Mouflard
Jenni Thibedeau Redman
Ruthy Lewis
Kathryn Doane
Jane Maranhas Kruse
Emily Sharp
 Nancy Balderas
Ric Firmino
Joel Duldulao Agpaoa
Peggy Gilmer
Nancy Bent
Mary Jelinek
Brian George Kerr
Selina Emlen
Kory Riley
Cheryl Cristello
Geneva Harwood
Eric Larson
Scott Welch
Bruce and Mary Claire Havel

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