Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fighting Against Health Care... And Fighting For????

Am I the only one frustrated with politicians fighting against health care continuously?

I understand those who believe the Affordable Care Act does not go far enough. I even understand those who feel the Affordable Care Act has too much government involvement. What I do not understand is the lack of other suggestions that may spark a dialogue to help improve our health care system.

Today the House of Representatives voted to repeal The Affordable Care Act... for the 33rd time. Normally at this point I would say "that's an exaggeration, it wasn't really 33, it was____." Unfortunately, there is no exaggeration in this case. On 33 separate occasions the House has wasted valuable time and money to beat the proverbial dead horse.

This latest repeal effort (again) has no chance of passing through the Senate to arrive on the presidents desk. Even if the president did see this repeal, he would not sign it. From every news source I've seen today, the general consensus is this was yet another political stunt to avoid fighting FOR something helpful... perhaps the Jobs Bill... (just a suggestion).

Rather than grandstanding, can you imagine the positive accomplishments these very powerful people could instead be celebrating?


If everyone is so hung up on this health care law that no other bill can be considered, why not present positive suggestions to improve the bill? Fight for clear and specific ways to be more efficient and offer more security for the common man/woman. Don't junk the good and the bad of the law, work on it! Be the champion of a well cared for healthy society.

This bill, no doubt, will be massaged over the decades just as Medicare and Social Security were. Many great minds have worked on those projects. I challenge the members of the current House who continue to fight against health care to instead make their mark as the newest great minds who history will remember for helping a nation heal its people.

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