Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1974 ERISA Law

I've been thinking a lot about the 1974 ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Securities Act) law since I received my denial letter from the insurance company last week. (Which by the way,  yesterday I received the returned signature cards showing they received the certified letters for both the appeal and documents request).

The reason I've been thinking about ERISA is because it was noted in my denial letter and according to my research this law has been exploited by many insurance companies in order to no longer honor their obligations to policy holders. 

I found two articles/briefs that got me thinking about my own experience. Both are worth a read if you have some time. Specifically the second one that discusses exactly how this law is used against patients in insurance cases.


One thing I found surprising is in my own denial letter. The insurance company informed me I had 180 days to appeal the denial. However, with ERISA I really only have 60 days or a judge could throw out any future lawsuit regarding the case. 

I have a solid connection to a law firm willing to represent me, but I wanted to fully explore my options so I contacted a local firm that specializes in ERISA law. When I queried them I received a response back that this specific firm only represents the insurance companies with their knowledge of ERISA, not the patients. Of course large companies with large legal budgets are where the real money is, so from a financial perspective I understand that law firm's decision. I'm saddened though that this firm would use its knowledge to support companies known to abuse this law. 

The loopholes this law offers, I'm sure were unforeseen in 1974. However, over the years companies have discovered new exploitation methods using older laws. It's sad... and we're clearly at a point when these laws need to be changed. 

When I spoke to the insurance person who sent me the denial letter (before the denial was ever sent). He informed me this was "nothing personal"-- it was simply business. 

I would argue, "business" set up on loopholes and a year end bonus structure that encourages vilifying an honest policy holder, is very personal. Making up false claims about another human being in order to receive a year end bonus for saving the company money, is very personal. Trying to use intimidation tactics to harass a client because you know that client is not allowed a jury trial under ERISA, and you will never have to answer for that harassment, is very personal.

I am not a moral authority. I'm just an average human being whose integrity is being attacked by a company for the sake of money. And I'm wondering when the collective "we", as employees, stopped listening to our conscience and instead put all our trust in company policies meant to harm clients. 

I encourage anyone reading this to fully educate yourself on ERISA so you will have some basic knowledge should it ever be used as a tool against you. 


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