Thursday, April 12, 2012

Studying Fertility

Young adults who have/ had cancer experience some added concerns aside from the normal "am I going to survive?" question. For many people in this age group, they are just starting out. Perhaps getting married and thinking about starting a family some time in the future when cancer shows up. Depending on their doctor, fertility may or may not be discussed. Therefore, fertility may or may not be preserved for that "some time in the future."

It makes sense why an oncologist might not immediately think of fertility when a patient with cancer is sitting in front of him or her. That doctors goal is to save the patient. However, chemotherapy often times destroys fertility. If fertility is not discussed and preserved before treatment, once the patient is through treatment and ready to "move on" with life, there's another emotional/physical struggle to overcome. 

I'd like to direct anyone in this position to a couple of studies researchers are conducting regarding young adult cancer survivors and fertility. The more participants in these studies, the more awareness we can bring. We can make a difference :)

Fertility Information Research Study (FIRST)
Are you a female, ages 18-44 and have had a cancer diagnosis or cancer therapy?  If so, FIRST needs you!  FIRST is a fertility information research study for your women who are facing or have faced cancer treatment.  We want to know how different cancers and treatments affect the reproductive health of young survivors, whether you wish to have children in the future or not.  Participants will be asked to answer a women's health questionnaire on a yearly basis.  Interested?  Call the national fertility preservation hotline at 866-708-3378 (FERT) or email!

Fertility & Parenthood After Cancer Study
We are conducting an online survey to find out more about young female cancer survivors’ reproductive health and their concerns and feelings toward fertility and parenthood now or in the future.
Who can join this study?
Young women between ages 15-35 who are cancer survivors diagnosed at least one year ago.
What happens if you choose to participate?
You will complete one 20 minute online survey.  You will be eligible for a $20 gift card after completing the survey.
For more information and to participate:

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